Genotyping for Progress in Hemophilia


connected by hemophilia,united in progress

Recognizing that the path to progress is best paved by knowledge and commitment, leaders in our community have come together to advance hemophilia understanding and catalyze groundbreaking research. By making it possible for people affected by hemophilia to access free free genotyping nationwide, it is our goal to empower this generation to define the next standard of care.

While every partner holds a distinct role, we share a common dedication to accelerating progress for the hemophilia community.


"Through this program, ATHN and its affiliated treatment centers were able to offer patients free genotyping, which has been a great benefit to both providers and patients. During this next phase of the program, ATHN is housing MLOF Research Repository on behalf of the program."

~ Diane Aschman
Former President and Chief Executive Officer
American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network


who we are

ATHN is a non-profit organization committed to advancing and improving care for individuals affected by bleeding and thrombotic disorders. ATHN's mission is to provide stewardship of a secure national database, adherent to all privacy guidelines, which will be used to support clinical outcomes analysis, research, advocacy and public health reporting in the hemostasis and thrombosis community. ATHN represents more than 130 hemophilia treatment centers.

our area of focus

In this partnership, ATHN ensures the secure storage of information, oversees the research review committee operations, and supports HTCs that offered My Life, Our Future.

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