Genotyping for Progress in Hemophilia


how genotyping works

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    a quick test, a lifetime of information

  • You - HTC

    Genotyping – or the process of determining the specific genetic variant that causes a disorder – begins with a blood test at your participating hemophilia treatment center (HTC).

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  • your genotyping report - HTC

    A summary report is sent to your HTC to be shared with you by your healthcare provider.

  • coded data - coded sample - research

    You can also choose to contribute to scientific research.

    If you choose to contribute to research, your coded data will be stored at the American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network (ATHN), and your coded blood sample will be stored at Bloodworks Northwest in the My Life, Our Future Research Repository. The My Life, Our Future Research Repository is a collection of samples and data for scientific study.

    Scientists and researchers at U.S.-based academic institutions and companies are now able to apply for access to the My Life, Our Future Research Repository through ATHN to support scientifically-sound research projects. You can opt out and remove your sample from the My Life, Our Future Research Repository at any time by contacting your HTC.

    Additionally, approximately 5,000 participant blood samples are undergoing whole-genome sequencing through the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute's TOPMed program and will later be available to the scientific community for research.

  • a brighter future for generation to come

    It is our hope that genotyping will provide you and your family with a better understanding of your hemophilia today, while helping to advance the breakthrough treatments of tomorrow.