Genotyping for Progress in Hemophilia


Make knowledge hereditary

For years, the hemophilia community has waited for life-changing advancements and the promise of revolutionary science. The time has come to make these goals a reality.

My Life, Our Future is a nationwide campaign for progress in hemophilia. Leaders in our community came together to offer free genotyping, so that participants could gain a deeper understanding of their hemophilia, while helping to advance hemophilia science and breakthrough treatments.

Thousands of people were genotyped through the program, creating the largest hemophilia research repository in the world.

partners in progress
  • "Through this program, ATHN and its affiliated treatment centers were able to offer patients free genotyping, which has been a great benefit to both providers and patients. During this next phase of the program, ATHN is housing MLOF Research Repository on behalf of the program."

    ~ Diane Aschman
    Former President and Chief Executive Officer
    American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network

  • "We're all here today because others in our community stepped up… everyone who volunteered to give just a small blood sample for this initiative helped not only themselves and and their families, but may also change the lives of a new generation."

    ~ Val Bias
    Chief Executive Officer
    National Hemophilia Foundation

  • "Thanks to all of the hemophilia patients we genotyped during the first phase of My Life, Our Future, we are better equipped to inform the scientific advances of tomorrow."

    ~ Barbara Konkle, MD
    Director of Clinical and Translational Research
    Bloodworks Northwest