Genotyping for Progress in Hemophilia


Make knowledge hereditary

For years, the hemophilia community has waited for life-changing advancements and the promise of revolutionary science. The time has come to make these goals a reality.

My Life, Our Future is a nationwide campaign for progress in hemophilia. Leaders in our community have come together to offer free genotyping, so that participants may gain a deeper understanding of their hemophilia today, while helping to advance the breakthrough treatments of tomorrow.

partners in progress
  • "Through this program, ATHN and its affiliated treatment centers will be able to offer its patients a free genotyping test, which is a great benefit to the providers and to the patients."

    ~ Diane Aschman
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network

  • "We're all here today because others in our community stepped up… volunteering to give just a small blood sample for this initiative may help you and your family, but it could also change the lives of a new generation."

    ~ Val Bias
    Chief Executive Officer
    National Hemophilia Foundation

  • "The more hemophilia patients we genotype today, the more equipped we will be to inform the scientific advances of tomorrow."

    ~ Barbara Konkle, MD
    Director of Clinical and Translational Research
    Bloodworks Northwest

  • "Unlocking the secrets within us will contribute to further understanding the nature of hemophilia and how it might be better treated in the future."

    ~ Glenn Pierce, MD, PhD
    Former SVP of Hematology, Cell and Gene Therapies
    Biogen Hemophilia (now Bioverativ)